Piddle Place™ Perfect Solution

The Science Behind Bio+ Enzyme Treatment

Piddle Place™ Bio+ Treatment is the result of intensive R & D efforts by chemist extraordinaire Karen.  Bio+ Treatment is an odor controller for pet waste, the technology is a natural process that is safe for both the user, the pet, and the environment.  This solution is not a cover up, it goes to the source of odor and eliminates it.  Piddle Place™ Bio+ Treatment combines the fast action of chemistry with the long term benefits of microbes. 

Piddle Place™ Bio+ Treatment breaks down and degrades organics found in urine and feces which cause malodors, it is a technologically-advanced chemical formulation for use with the Piddle Place™ to eliminate pet waste odor.

Odors are perceived due to the interaction of odor molecules with olfactory receptors in the nose.  Rather than covering the odor with another more pleasant odor, Piddle Place™ Bio+ Treatment eliminates odors by eliminating the source.  It is a natural, safe, and environmental friendly.

Piddle Place™ Bio+ Treatment combines a novel chemical formulation for immediate and long lasting odor control with bioenzymatics, for penetrating long-lasting freshening effects.  Piddle Place™ Bio+ Treatment is combined with the Deo-Essence® fragrance of Lemongrass Eucalyptus to maximize prompt effectiveness.









Compare Piddle Place Pet Toilet System
  With Traditional Puppy Pads

Puppy Pads are Poorly Designed but until now was the only solution for allowing dogs the comfort of relieving themselves as needed.  These absorbent “paper towels” are flimsy, expensive, and fill up the landfills.  Pet owners told us they had to replace the pads a few times a day.  They slide around the floor, or dogs chew them  and pull them around.  Worse, we noticed that when dogs step off the pads, their paws are full of urine, leaving a disgusting trail of pet waste in the home or on the owner.  An unsightly scene in front of your dinner guest!

The Piddle Place™ pet toilet system features with the amazing self-contained base that keeps piddle away from it’s feet, and allows you to empty it through a valve drain neatly and quickly without contact with pet waste.   It also comes with a porous turf that feels comfy and soft to your pet’s paws and the delux travel cover.  The Piddle Place™ dog toilet is designed to compliment the look of your home.  The Piddle Place™ provides a comfortable sanitary environment for your pet to relieve themselves while waiting for you to come home, or weather is bad.  Piddle Place is the perfect solution for dogs all age, cats and other small animals.


The Piddle Place Invention

Hello and welcome!  I am Kathleen Hillman, inventor of the Piddle Place™ the ultimate indoor pet toilet system. 

While working in a hospital, I was often tied up with patients and would have to rely on the kindness of neighbors to walk my dog, Kippers.  After several neighbors and several accidents, I decided to train Kippers on housebreaking pads while I was away from home. And let me tell you, those  puppy wee wee pads are unattractive, messy, and smelly. In addition, they are not environmentally friendly.

So I tried placing a piece of grass sod on a plastic liner, and folding the whole thing up to dispose of it.  This was an ever bigger mess.  Then, I tried a product that looked like a plastic litter box with a piece of turf, but the turf sat directly in the pet waste causing odor and much discussion in my home as to who’s turn it was to clean it.  Through trial and error, and a little ingenuity, I came up with the Piddle Place™.

As someone in the medical field, I know how important it is to limit contact with bacteria found in pet waste.  To maintain an area that is odor free, my cousin Karen, chemist extraordinaire, helped me formulated a product that contained naturally occurring bio-enzyme.  Our Bio+ formula both breakdowns the waste, and contains DeoEssence® to deodorize the area.  The product is environmentally friendly and very effective.

To maintain the Piddle Place™, simply prime the bottom chamber with Bio+ Treatment Concentrate, and maintain surface area with the Bio+ Maintenance Spray.  To empty, just place over toilet, and open the valve.  Simple and clean.  Piddle Place™ is the perfect solution.

I welcome your feedback and comments regarding to Piddle Place™.  Please get in touch by using our contact form.