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Dr. Marty Becker’s 2014 Best Products Winner
(“America’s Veterinarian” from Good Morning America)

Pet Product News “Editor’s Choice" award 2013

Piddle Place™ Perfect Solution



Thousands of satisfied Piddle Place users swear by the system.  Do not take our word for it, take a look at their Reviews and try out this perfect solution yourself! 

To understand how Bio+ Treatment can effectively eliminates order and mess, please visit About Piddle Place page.  And do not forget to learn about training tips on Tutorial page.



From design to production, Piddle Place™ is fully manufacturing in the USA.  Every Piddle Place™ has our quality guarantee.

Piddle Place allows your pet to "go" whenever they wish while indoor, without holding it and wait around for you to be available.  Your pet will thank you for this!  Especially useful during bad weather, suitable for old/disable dogs, puppies, and other small animals.


Piddle Place Hong Kong Ltd is the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong, and www.piddleplace.com.hk is the only sales platform available.  If suspect there is another distributor, please report to us accordingly, and don’t be fooled by imitations they are not Piddle Place™.

Piddle Place™

Piddle Place™

Piddle Place™ the #1 indoor pet toilet system

The Patented Groove and Drainage System allows the porous grass-like turf mat to sit high above the reservoir.   This means that your pet’s paws remain above the piddle, as it flows neatly into the drain and storage reservoir.

The Patented quick-drain spout means you can say Goodbye to picking up wet, nasty puppy pads and carrying them to the trash. No more scooping piddle out of a litter box, and certainly NO SPILLS!  The valve on the spout is easy to open and creates a super-water tight seal when closed. It guarantees that you’ll easily be able to get it open when needed, and it will remain locked tight when it’s closed.

The Piddle Place™ is proudly constructed in the USA out of sturdy molded plastic.  While the unit can hold over 100 lbs, the length of the Piddle Place™ will decide we are right for your furry friend.  If your dog is over 28 inches long, their hind end might hang over the Piddle Place™ and leave a mess.  The Piddle Place™ measures 19″ x 30″  and is 1.5 inches in height.  The Piddle Place™ will safely contain a gallon of pet waste, but we recommend draining the unit once a week for most dogs.


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