By Jaimee W

I LOVE this product, I have a 2 year old Chihuahua that is deaf blind in her right eye and vision impaired in her left eye. She took to the Piddle Place easily. She was pad-trained when I got her I simply placed the pad on the Piddle Place for a week, then folded it in half for another week, then in a quarter then took it off completely, smooth transition. She has never had an accident. Even if she is 3 rooms away, she will ask to get off my lap and she runs to her little room to use her potty. Brilliant product. Thank you
我愛上這個產品了,我有一隻兩歲的芝娃娃, 她的右眼是盲的, 而左眼亦有視力障礙。 她很容易便適應了PP寵物廁所。 我收養她時她已經懂得用尿墊,所以頭一個星期我放一片尿墊在PP寵物廁所上,然後過了一個星期後將尿墊範圍縮小一半,再過一個星期後將尿墊縮小到四分一,然後就慢慢地完全不放尿墊。 輕易過渡了。從未出過意外。即使她身在3個房間的路程以外,她還是會要從我的腳上跳下,跑到她的小房間用PP寵物廁所。偉大的產品。謝謝 (中文翻譯版)


By Martica

Been wanting something like this for ages instead of using puppy pads. It only took a few days for my girls to get used to it. I put a puppy pad on it for the first couple days till I saw that they used it and pads have been off since. No smell, Looks tidy. Easy to rinse. I'd highly recommend it.
很久之前便一直希望會有像這樣的寵物廁所產品,而不需要再用尿墊。 我的狗女們只用了幾天的時間就全習慣好了。 頭幾天我把尿墊放在上面, 直到我看見牠們直接在PP寵物廁所上如廁,便不再使用尿墊。 無味,看起來整潔。容易沖洗。我會強烈推薦PP寵物廁所。(中文翻譯版)


By Jnet

We've only had the Piddle Place about a week, but I'm already very pleased with it. Just wish I had had one years ago. Our Yorkie has been paper trained since he was a puppy, so I didn't think it would be too hard to get him to use the Piddle Place. Sure enough, he took to it almost immediately! I was so tired of the appearance of newspaper, the expense of puppy pads, and the odor of both. Piddle Place looks good and doesn't smell at all. I've emailed the company a couple times for information and been surprised by how quickly they responded. I highly recommend the Piddle Place.
我們只用了PP寵物廁所一星期左右,已經非常滿意了, 只是希望一年前便已擁有它。 我們的约瑟爹利從小就一直有用報紙如廁的訓練,所以我不認為轉用PP寵物廁所會難到牠。 果然牠立即便學會! 我實在是討厭報紙的外觀,狗尿墊的昂貴,以及兩者帶來的臭味。PP寵物廁所好看,也全無異味。我曾經發送過電子郵件到該公司取資料, 十分驚訝於他們迅速的回復。 我強烈推薦PP寵物廁所。(中文翻譯版)


 By TommCD

This is the best invention ever. My small dog uses it every day. It never smells even after leaving it for a month or even longer !!!!! I can't be happier. One thing that may be easier is, I don't use the "grass" because Mandy kept chewing it up! She uses the potty anyway without the grass. I HAVE VERY LITTLE CLEAN-UP AND DUMP IT ONLY ONCE EVERY 2 MONTHS :). Thank you piddle place !!!
這是有史以來最好的發明。 我的小狗每天都使用它。 它完全沒有味, 甚至一個月至更長的時間不處理都沒有異味!!!!!  我不能更加滿意。 有一件事可能令使用更容易的是,我不使用那“草皮”,是因為小敏喜歡咀嚼它! 反正沒有草皮牠還是會用。我很少清理它, 每兩個月才倒出積水 :)。 PP寵物廁所!(中文翻譯版)



Piddle place works great! I was worried that my puppy wouldn't get used to it, but after a few weeks and consistently training she wouldn't go anywhere inside the house except for piddle place. It's a great system, you just take it to the toilet, open the little handle and voila! I've had it for 2 months now and only needed oo clean the turf once. I very recommend this product.
PP寵物廁所非常好用! 之前我很擔心我的BB狗會不會用不慣,但經過幾個星期後不斷地訓練,她除了PP寵物廁所外已不會到房子裡的任何地方如廁。 這是個十分好的系統,你只要把它帶到廁所,扭開排水閥門,搞掂! 我已經用了兩個月,才只需要沖洗草皮一次。我非常推薦這個產品。(中文翻譯版)


By Star

These are the BEST for dog or cat piddling
These are the BEST for dog or cat piddling. Goes right through, easy wash. I have had my piddleplace for over two years. Works great. I latticed in my porch. and have a doggy door. My two cats and little bishon love it. Cat box and piddle place are out there and they love being outside and nothing in the house. There is no smell from either one. Got to love it. Thanks piddle place.


By Lisa Brown "Dog vet"
Amazing, no smell, simple to use, No contact with pet waste
The piddle place is even better then I could have imagined. My previous Pet Loo smelled terrible, was a pain to clean, and when my dog pooped on it, everything stuck to the turf. As a Vet, I love that this was invented by a nurse. A women that understands we don't want contact with pet waste, and it looks attractive out on my balcony. When I get out of the city on the weekend, the Piddle Place fits easy in the trunk of my car and makes travel easy. My sister is a breeder, I bought her one as well. She attaches a hose to the valve and drains the Piddle Place from her kennels. Great idea


By J. V. Baldwin
So far, loving this pad
I just got the base unit today so cannot comment on how the draining/cleaning part will be yet but the pad itself is great so far. Dogs are using it and it does not seem to retain any urine odor, which is a problem I have had with other potty 'grass' mats. If it continues, it'll be a rave review!


By Amazon Customer
I don't always give a 5-star for products but I had to with this product I am so in love with it within the first week of having it!!! I was initially hesitant to purchase this because I was wondering if it would be worthy of the high price point. However, after many years of using the Potty Patch on my apartment balconies and not being able to sit out there due to the heavy pee smell, I thought I would make my own self-contained potty until I came across the PIDDLE PLACE and saw that someone had already designed something exactly with my thoughts in mind. I quickly purchased it and so far, my puppies and I are so happy I did. My little Chihuahuas have been trained from pups to first use a litter box and then I transitioned to the potty patch. I tried to keep it clean but it posed many challenges with me often resorting to wearing a mask, goggles, gloves and washing and disinfecting the whole product in our bathtub then having to disinfect our bathtub. This resulted in our whole house smelling of foul urine- unsanitary and very frustrating. I then resorted to using potty pads underneath the grass to catch most of the urine from the mat which helped a lot since I was able to roll up the soaked pee pads and throw them away. I still had to at times wash the mat down as my pups feet would start to really stink walking on that plastic grass to do their business.

Here is why the Piddle Place far exceeds other potty patches in quality, cleanliness and convenience:

* Completely self-contained- the major problem with the other potty patches is that the pee would sit in a tray right under the mat (rug) and start to smell. If it rained it was a nightmare since living on the top floor I did not want to wash dog pee over the balcony onto my neighbor below so I had to carefully balance a floppy tray through the house to the bathroom to empty it. The Piddle Place has the pee trapped away from the mat in a container with a valve allowing you to pick it up without spillage and open the valve to pour the pee out in the toilet. Also now when it rains, it actually helps clean the entire thing instead of creating more hassle for me.

* The BEST part about the Piddle Place is that I can attach a hose to the valve and rinse the potty out with my water hose without getting any pee on my balcony, my neighbors below and without having to even move the potty! 

* The mat on this Piddle Place is AMAZING!!! My dogs are very clean conscience and one of them really did not like stepping on the dirty wet fake grass. They have no problems with this mat since the poop sits right on the top of the rubber mat and their pee runs right through away from the mat keeping their feet cleaner, drier, no more smelly wet feet! Also the solid waste seems to sit right on top for easy pick up whereas the grass mat always retained some bits of solid waste in it no matter what I did.

* EASY to train. Since my dogs were already used to having their own potty spot on our balcony, I just put it in the same spot, put a piece of used pee stained potty pad beneath the mat then encouraged them to do 'good boy potty'. It just took a few moments and they peed straight away on it and have been doing so ever since without fail. They seem to really like the cleaner potty environment.

 * I have one male dog that prefers to lift his leg always while my other male dog sometime squats and sometimes lifts. The great thing with this is there is a groove where you can put a small wall up so the male dogs can pee on it and it will drain down into the potty tray. Piddle Place provides a decorative wall but I already had corrugated plastic board I was able to bend around the groove and there was their easy-to-clean durable wall to pee on!


By Lburgos
The best product for potting train odor free
I'm so pleased with this awesome product. I love it and so does my pug. No problem training my dog to use it. It is so easy to get it clean and there are no awful odors. Cannot say enough great things about it. So happy I don't longer have to use the pads and my house is completely odor free. No Cons at all. A big thank you to the creators of piddle place. 


By Ragamuffins
Great product and company
Really works great. Pet learns quickly how to use it and no Oder Easily to clean. Would definitely recommend this product.


By A.Drewes
I was super excited when Piddle Place arrived. The set up was beyond easy. At first I thought it was going to be some odd or crazy thing, but all I had to do was literally pull it out the box and add the bio+treatement to it (which keeps out any odors) and place it somewhere. The treatment actually smelt good, almost like I had an air freshener going. We set this up yesterday and we're currently working with the puppy on learning to exclusively use it. She took to it well and even the cats were interested and started scratching! Luckily they're sticking with their cat boxes though so Scooby has the Piddle Place all to herself. For us, we found adding her newspaper to the top of the "fake grass" pad worked best since she's familiar with going on paper and it being okay to go on there. It's still a new product in our home, but we very much enjoy it and look forward to having a stink free home. Scooby has used the Piddle Place a few times and still no odor coming from it. It's such a relief to eliminate odors. For those who own pets and potty training know that unless you do a full cleaning after every accident there's an odor. This eliminates all that cleaning we were doing and hopefully we'll eventually only have to clean the Piddle Place, as Scooby is a small indoor pup. It definitely reduces the stress in our home and it's only been a day! I'm excited to see what the future will bring for Scoobys potty training and highly recommend this for anyone training their dogs/puppies or simply want to avoid sticky and gross floors!


By River Chick
Best pet potty system ever!
i did quite a bit of research prior to making this purchase & the time spent paid off. This system is fabulous for apartment living. Convenient, no smell, easy cleaning & waste disposal; looks great & my little yorkie, Levi took to it right away!


By PinkSparkle "pinksparkley"
We use this product all the time, my puppy is trained to it, and it doesn't smell, easy to clean, and if used as directed, never smells. Love the fact that I don't have to run outside all the time. Thanks for this product.


By Gail ODonnell
Totally eliminates odors. and they don't return!
I ordered the supersaver from Amazon, and it came with these supplies. I was amazed how well they work. I left the Piddle Place in my laundry room for a week, I sprayed it once a day I have two dogs using it, and there is no odor. The odor is eliminated and does not return. I had tried saving a bit of money and using lysol, but it smelled, and my dogs quit using it for a while. I think they hated the smell of something in the lysol. So I am back to ordering this on Amazon!

I love the refreshing smell of the product, and I sometimes spray it in my own bathroom after my husband LOL


By Annie
I take it on the road with us
Our family has a Piddle Place and we Love it. We take it on the road with us when we travel. We were just in Las Vegas and it was so nice to have a place for Lulu to go when we were out. We did not have to worry. No smell and easy to empty. Very well made.


By Kate
One of the best purchases I have ever made, honestly. We live in an apartment with one small Pomeranian-poodle mix. For the first 7 years of her life she was doggy door trained and just came and went out back when she pleased. Once we moved into the apartment we had to start taking her out several times a day on a leash, but it didn't matter if we took her down every 2 hours, she still had little accidents so we decided to train her to a potty pad. We started with the disposable puppy pads but they get expensive and she would stand half off of them a lot and get urine on the bathroom floor where we kept them. Nearly every day we were having to mop her section. So we switched to an inexpensive and cheaply made artificial grass that sat in a tray. It was the worst thing ever, the fake grass was so fluffy and dense that it trapped odor and probably bacteria regardless of how long i soaked it in bleach and detergent. (Worst chore ever!) It started smelling within a day, even after very thorough cleaning...and the smell was unbearable after we owned it for a few months, we had to keep the bathroom door closed all the time and that totally defeated the purpose of house training her in the first place! She started having accidents again. So I searched and found the Piddle Place, it only had 11 reviews when I found it but the concept seemed solid and practical and I was willing to try anything to get away from the smell and stop my dog from ruining my carpets. To be blunt, we are poor students so spending the money on this was a risk but we're so glad we did. I've had this for a full month and have only cleaned it twice, and that's only to make sure it doesn't overflow. There has been no smell what-so-ever. Our dog took to it right away as if it'd been what she was trained to potty on....it's amazing. She hates grass in her toes so the Piddle Place is perfect because the green pad in the tray is a rubbery material made to drain with no fake grass blades or fabric backing to trap odor or filth. The design is great and brilliant but it's also extremely well made and sturdy. Cleaning it is a snap...I love that you can dump it into the toilet without fear of urine going everywhere. It takes minutes to clean as opposed to soaking my previous one for hours. No soaking necessary for this one because there's no odor lingering. We do use the enzyme spray several times a day just in case we missed one of her potty breaks, and we use the enzyme solution in the bottom of the tank/tray....and that gets changed when it gets cleaned. Also, this is the first time I have ever left a review on anything, and most of my shopping is done online....I felt like I just had to let other pet owners know how awesome this is. It has reduced the stress in our lives tremendously! Thanks!


By Starlight220
I bought this for my Boston Terrier pup. Some how she knew what it was for and what to do with it. She went pee on it right away! I love this. There is no odor as long as you use the enzyme spray. Solids can be picked up like you would outside but you may have to hose off the turf pad every now and again. Not a bog problem for me. Highly recommend this for small dogs!


By Denver, Colorado Grandma
Updating review my stubborn dog would not use this but we put the grass from her other pee pad on top and she loves it. More so I love it and it does not smell at all if u use the mix with water stuff easy to dump pee in the toilet amazing LOVE this best invention ever.


By T. DiBiasi "TDB"
Best invention!
I use this for my 2 indoor mini pigs.It work's amazing.They would eat any kind of pine shaving's or pelleted material I was using in their old litter boxes.This is safe for them,they took to it the first day!


By Megan
My dog took to it quickly and training was easy. She has kidney issues that cause her to ...
This has been such a lifesaver! My dog took to it quickly and training was easy. She has kidney issues that cause her to drink a lot of water and frequently urinate. Having this set up inside the apartment has allowed her to have more freedom during the day when I am not home, and keeps us from leaving our apartment every 10-15 minutes to take her outside. The cleanup is fairly easy, and when it is in use there isn't a smell unless it gets overfull/wasn't cleaned early enough.


By Diana
Best invention ever
Best invention ever. Easy to clean. Convenient. My dog likes it better then those pads.  


By Doglover
Wow, we bought a Piddle Place and loved how well this product worked. We just mix one of these foil packs with water and pour down the drain, and there is absolutely no odor. Once a week we drain this over our toilet and repeat the process. My wife like the scent from the product so well we keep a spray bottle in our own bathroom. It totally eliminates odors better then anything we have tried.


By B. Brown
This is the best solution yet
This is the best solution yet, and I've tried three different patio potties. I'm on a second floor condo, and have two basenjis. I have no hose or anything on my balcony. So the ability to carry the whole thing and dump in the toilet, and then wash in the tub is really great (well to be perfectly honest, my housekeeper does that part - she's a gem). The "grass" pad for the Piddle Place is so much easier to clean than the fake grass I had with other solutions. Also, works well on a patio that has a slope like mine, as the drainage point is toward one side (very important - I had another solution that drained in the middle, which doesn't work for sloped balconies. My little girl basenji thinks this is the go-to place for throwing up or diarriah. Horrible. But this is so much easier to clean up than fake grass, etc. Definitely much less smell than the fake grass kind. My male is less interested in it, and prefers to hold it for hours on end until I arrive home. I don't know if its because the female is already using it. I'm tempted to get a second one just to see. In any case, I highly recommend.


By cristine k. stanwyck
Works very well - I put a hose cap on ...
Works very well - I put a hose cap on the drain so there are no leakage accidents. This was a life saver when we received it in March. It was too cold for my puppy to go out - at all. Now we keep it in his play area when I have to be away from the house - just in case.


By Beachkid
Fantastic potty !
This works fantastic. I also trained my little maltese puppy to go outside but in the wee hours of the morning and late at night , and also when it is cold and nasty outside ~ this is great !! I like the fact that with the spray there is no odor, easy to clean and doesn't look bad sitting in the corner of my living room.


By Zaya
Perfect for the right scenario!
We've only had this for a couple of days, and so far, ADORE it! We recently relocated to a cold climate from a warm and sunny one, and one of our tiny pups is always freezing and unwilling to walk in snow and rain. This was our solution -- we put the Piddle Place out on the balcony and crossed our fingers that by some miracle, she would just learn to use it.

Well, the very first time we put her on it and told her to "go potty," we jumped with joy when she actually did so -- instantly!! She's been consistent with it ever since (I won't lie, we have yet to train her to poop on this thing... she seems to need a "walk" to relieve herself in that department and this thing is definitely too small to allow for much walking, even for a 3-lb dog, but she does pee on command instantly every single time and that alone makes this a winner in our eyes since she pees a good 6 to 8 times daily.

In short, if you have a small dog, TRY THIS! They do guarantee it, so I'm thinking if it doesn't work out, you can always return it. I will say that if we had a dog that's over 10 lbs or so, this likely wouldn't have worked nearly as well (our 17-lb Cavalier barely fits on this thing), and I also wouldn't recommend it for a male that likes to lift his leg to do his business (there's no way that pee will end up where it belongs!), but for a small female dog, this is perfection! :)


By CGayle
great product and well made
Brand new puppy and this has saved our floors! We use it with the Richell pen. Works great and cleanup is not bad. Better than paper pads.


By J. A. Toll
Ingenious invention. (Try these tips)
So many great ingenious qualities about this product I don't know where to begin. The design is second to none. The green mat stays dry, so no wet paw prints. The tap is a brilliant idea. I opened it up, poured the contents into a bucket, and straight down the loo. No mess. Training my 15yr old terrier took some thought, but between me and Kathy (at Piddle Place), who was the most helpful lady I have ever come across, we realised there were many tricks to try. As a terrier, my dog sniffs everything, but I bagged up the bark that he would sniff, immediately prior to peeing during our walks, and placed them on the tray. I refreshed the bark (and scent) each evening for 3 days, so each morning he would have fresh scent to pee on. I also enclosed the piddle place with some old plant pots for privacy, with one entry point so he wouldn't wander around the outside of it. To top it off, I started giving Mutley treats when he peed on our walks so he expected a reward when he used the Piddle Place too. In time, I will ween him away from the bark and scents etc, but it's not even been a week yet.

A bath makes Mutt pee immediately, so if your dog is smelly, fill your pockets with treats and take them to the piddle place right after a bath.

I thought moving to an apartment was going to be my worst nightmare, but thanks to the personal support I received from Kathy at Piddle Place, the future is looking great.


We Love The Piddle Place
We love The Piddle Place! Having just moved into a condo on the 3rd floor of our building, and on top of that living in Minnesota, we needed a way for our little Doxie to go outside quickly and easily... The Piddle Place was the answer. Initially, he was confused and didn't have a clue as to what we wanted him to do...so we called Kathy at The Piddle Place. She was so friendly and responsive and gave us lots of suggestions. One of them was to put a piece of real sod/ grass on top of the PP and it worked almost instantly... Our dog knew just what to do. Thank you so much, this is making things much easier for all of us! Also, we learned that if you buy directly from the company, all the profits go directly to non profit animal organizations.


By Gail ODonnell
Best product I ever bought from Amazon!
WOW, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! I can't say enough how much I love my Piddle Place. My babies love not having to go outside in the rain or a bad storm. At first my dogs wouldn't use it so I called the 800 number. Kathleen Hillman called me right back and trained me how to train my dogs to use this product. I see people writing reviews here that their dog would not use the product, but if you work with your dog, you can make it happen. I had to train my dogs separately, otherwise they did not focus on the job at hand. Kathleen told me to buy a crate and a kids play fence. I set up the area like she suggested. I set the crate door open to a confined fence area with the 8 foot fence I bought at Walmart. Inside the area, I put the Piddle Place, some chew toys and water bowl. When the crate was open, there was no place to "go" except the Piddle Place. My dog Romeo had to really go, so he went on his new toilet, and I praised him like he had won the olympics. The other dog Juliette saw him use the Piddle Place and learned by watching him and smelling his scent there. Now they both are trained, I moved the Piddle Place to my laundry room, and they use it in there. Its important to work with your dog, and show them what is expected A puppy will take to this right away, I think older dogs need training, but I was willing to make the effort. Yes, you do have to actually work with your dog, but considering a week of work will result in many years of comfort for us. If you are in the market for a product like this, it is the best. What I really like about it is there is no odor and all I have to do empty it in my laundry room sink once a week I am on the subscribe and save option here, and I like the fact that Amazon will send me product every few weeks. Otherwise I would run out of supplies. Great option!


By Cheri Cowman
Piddle Place
Easy to train our puppy to use. Also, easy to empty and store. Love the removable turf pad. Easy to keep clean.


By Carol A. Hedrick
Piddle Place Pet Relief System has realeased so much stress for me!
I love not having to deal with the potty pads for my two dogs. This system is so much more sanitary. There is no tracking on the floor & absolutely no odor. It is so much cleaner than potty pads & I only have to clean it once a week. I was using so many potty pads as one of my dogs would not use a soiled potty pad & would go on the floor instead. The stress of trying to stay on top of making sure my dogs would use the potty pad has just about been eliminated. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with dogs or cats.


By Bitsy's Mom
I like this!
My 5 month old chihuahua was puppy pad trained. It took a few days for her to transition to using the Piddle Place-she didn't catch on how to use it until I put a folded pad on top of the turf, and gradually folded it smaller and smaller. Now she uses it with no problem. It would be helpful if the tray was slanted more toward the drain-her urine doesn't travel to the drain, it just stays where she piddles, but amazingly, there is no urine smell! She's still in the chewing stage, so to prevent her from chewing on the drain valve I cut a hole in a tennis ball and put the ball over the valve.


By Juanita Williams
Piddle Pad is TOPS for our Doggies!
This most amazing and efficient product is a must if you have indoor pets. Our Mini Chihuahuas became easily litter box trained with this. So easy to care for and no excretement messes to clean up. I would highly recommend it! I'm purchasing a second one for our bedroom, now that they're old enough to sleep with us. No smells when using the Bio treatment product they sell with this. Also with male dogs, order the cardboard barrier so they have a place to "aim"!


By nickie
Great product!
Our dog always used the bathroom outside until he was about 3 or 4, then decided that the long days of him being alone were too much for him to handle and started relieving himself inside. After trying to just battle dog urine in the carpet regularly, we decided we needed another solution. We received the piddle place and enzyme treatments a couple weeks ago and it has been working great! Not only does he use it but the enzyme treatments took the odor right out of the carpet (the carpet I steam clean regularly). It was great! Now I do not worry about coming home to a house full of dog pee spots, just one easy to use system with a valve to cleanly store and empty the pee. No more smells or stains!


By Dave Adams
This is an amazing product!
I have not rated anything on Amazon before, but this is worth my effort. I had a potty park before this, and this system is amazing The other would hold odor, and was impossible to clean. The one is the perfect height for my Yorkie, and it functions like a work of fine engineering. The base is a self contained storage that keeps pet waste away from my dog. The turf is designed to be really porous and everything runs straight through in the base. As advertise, once a week, I just put the cover on it (make sure you buy the option with the cover) take it to my neighbors yard (okay, my toilet) and open the valve. I didn't think we needed the protective guard, buy my wife thought it looked cute. This was a good idea, as my dog is male an pees against it.

I wish I had designed this. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I see two poor review. One that they would not take it back, and the other that their puppy chewed the valve. My puppy would also chew anything in its sight if I had left him with chew toys for teething. I have recommended this on our Yorkie forum and to everyone that sees ours.


By ruth
If At first You Don't Succeed!
I was at my wits end with my older dog not wanting to go outside anymore when I found Piddle Place. I thought what a terrific idea and that it would be very convenient for him. When I first introduced him to it he had absolutely no interest in using the product. I called customer service to see what I could do. The representative was very helpful in listening to my dilemma. She took my information for a trainer to get in contact with me. The next day I received a called from the trainer and the woman was so patient in taking her time to give me ideas to coax him into using it. Lord and behold success!! It has been a life saver for me and my carpets.


By AOTP member
Wonderful invention
This is the best invention for small dogs and older owners. My little girl never has an accident thanks to the Piddle Place.


By Maria-Elena Ojeda
Work wonders
When i received it my 4month yorkie immediately lay down on it. Not until i sprayed it with the pipi spray that she started potty on it. It does makes a big difference from using the pipi pads. Thank u


By J. V. Baldwin
Piddle Place...excellent!
This really is a brilliant little system. I got it as an adjunct to my PottyParks as it appeared more portable for traveling. It stays odorless, is easy to clean and my puppy took right to it. The 'grass' mat is SO much better than the imitation grasses on all the other indoor potties...urine runs right through it and it does not pick up an odor.


By James
Works as advertised, great product perfect for small indoor dogs.
I bought this deluxe kit sometime around November of 2013 as I was in the midst of training my new puppy and was just getting fed up of buying puppy pads. Not to mention, the mess of pads was just tedious as it would always leak or soak through. As a full time student with not a lot of time to spare, I did not always have the chance to take the dog out every couple hours so I decided to give this a shot.

After doing research on other dog toilets such as this, I figured this was the best candidate as the dog didn't have to deal with grates and the artificial turf on top provided a more natural appeal to my dog. The turf is like mesh material thus doesn't absorb or retain any piss odor. The wall is also a plus as my dog, being a male, likes to raise his leg. A year later, this thing still functions as it was intended and has kept its quality. The only negative is the pricy enzyme treatment that is encouraged to use weekly with this thing to keep it from smelling, but to be honest, after my supply ran out I haven't ordered any more. I keep this in our walk in closet and as long as you keep it cleaned about once a week the smell is hardly noticeable without any of the stuff.

If you got the money for the enzyme, well then I guess it'd be even better as the smell is pretty pleasant. To clean this thing I just empty the pee into the toilet and rinse the whole thing off in the tub. I would recommend using vinegar to pour into the unit and swoosh it around to get all the gunk out, as I hear vinegar destroys urine proteins (seems to work great).
I also scrub and use a scented environmental friendly cleaning agent to wash it more effectively. It's been a year and the turf is still in good condition, though I'm considering ordering a fresh new one. The wall holds up good and can be wiped down to get the urine off as well. It is also convenient enough to take it places and my dog will still use it. I see most of the complaints is that people can't seem to get their dog to use it, but honestly I think that is the fault of the owner as I literally kept watch on my dog when it was a puppy constantly throughout the day for about a week. It helps to confine dogs in a room with the potty in it until they are fully trained to use it, as sometimes my dog will forget where it is when I take it places. My dog will go potty on command when I say "go potty," even if he doesn't have to pee he will stand on it and lift his leg up for a second to make it look like he did (lol).

Sorry for the long review but I just wanted to say this honestly saved me so much money and stress when owning an indoor dog. It is great for apartments or any place where sometimes taking it outside is inconvenient at times and my dog can go potty whenever he feels like it. Would recommend this to others that have a small dog (mine is a pug). Hope this was useful.


Works for Indoor Pigs too!
Many of you will buy this for your dog or cat, but I bought this for my indoor mini pig. I have had it for about a month and so far have been very happy with it. It works just as advertised and is easy to use with no to low odor. The only reason I have not given it 5 stars is because of the drain. The valve that opens and closes is pointed up and if stepped on or played with will open and the unit will drain on your floor. I wish that the company would invent a cap or cover for the drain instead of a valve. I currently have a rubber band around the green valve to stop it from getting pushed down. This may not be an issue with a dog or cat, but for a nosey little pig that is into everything it has been a bit of any issue. I highly recommend this product for all animals!


By Sheryl Ann Hazard
Five Stars
Love this product. Easy to clean and does not smell bad.


By Louie Viriato
Nice product for a small dog or two
Well designed, solid, functional, simple and works. Nice product for a small dog or two.


By Midwest Mom
Fresh Scent
Purchased for use with Piddle Place. Does keep Piddle Place smelling clean. I use the spray daily and it lasted for 2 months.


By Cheri Cowman
Bio Spray
Worked well with the dog "piddle place" I purchased. Kept any foul smell away and economical to use as this point.


By Carol A. Hedrick
Absolutely no odor with the use of this product!
There is no odor with the use of the enzyme & spray so my dogs will use the Piddle Place system. The area where I have this system is so much cleaner.


By Lburgos
Great product. Awesome scent
Can't say enough good things about this awesome product. It does really what it says it does. I will continue use it as we'll as the piddle place box. It has made my life easier.


By A Wall
Yes this product is great. Easy to keep clean. Dog loves the system. I work 16 hour shifts and my toy Chihuahua loves her piddle place


By Carol Freed
Very happy!
Finally!!!! After trying many indoor potty systems for my Peke, this one works! No odor. No tracking urine off the mat. Super easy to clean. Very happy with this purchase.


By Ghost Family
Great Product, great service
The product works, simple to us, simple to clean. The product travels easily, sets up easily and is easy to maintain. The boys seem to like it, and use it.


By Linda L.
Great Product
Our two Schichon puppies were paper trained by the breeder, and we carried that over when we brought them home. However, being puppies, we were constantly cleaning up pee & poo, and the vinyl floor. We went through huge amounts of paper towels and paper. My husband read some articles about litter box training and we were heading in that direction, when he came across this product. It seemed a lot easier than using litter...and it sure is!!!!! There is absolutely no pee odor, it is very easy to clean/drain, and poo just sits on top of the fake grass making it very easy to pick up. The daily spray has a pleasant smell. One of our puppies did chew a little bit of one corner when we first put it down, but a little reprimanding stopped that. Would definitely recommend this. We no longer need newspaper, nor have to invest in a paper towel company, lol.